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The simple answer is to get evaluated and checked by a Chiropractor. The spine is the bodies protective covering of the spinal cord. The spine as a structure needs to have the ability to support gravity and resist the normal stress and strain that one’s lifestyle imposes. Inactivity and the sedentary living that is commonplace in the 21st Century has brought with it a new set of challenges to our health. Postural deviations and dysfunction in the spine have become the norm in our society.

As a Chiropractor, I have evaluated over 10,000 spines. Unfortunately most people that walk into our clinic do not exemplify normal spinal posture. The sample is biased in that symptoms such as back and neck pain have already become prevalent. The ideal scenario is to be evaluated for alignment as an infant and throughout childhood development. When the school nurse reports that a teenager has a scoliosis, is it too late? Chiropractors do one thing and they do it very well, that is to evaluate spinal function and alignment and where there are aberrations or postural changes, they correct them. Once the determination has been made that ones spine is abnormal recommendations for correction from one doctor to another may vary. The disparity is truly based on intent. The majority of Chiropractors are considered alternative healers.

Most allopathic physicians do not practice correction as a model and will gear their care toward symptoms, employing medications and sometimes surgery. Chiropractors do not prescribe medications nor surgery. In fact they are an alternative to each. Currently a mere 10% of the U.S population visit a Chiropractor. Chiropractors are the most sought after alternative care providers in the US. Numerous studies exist that prove Chiropractic to be safe and effective. Spinal function is greatly improved, but here are some other noted benefits:

  1. 87% of low back pain patients improved under chiropractic care
  2. 94% of acute neck pain (Torticollis) patients got better under chiropractic care
  3. Chiropractic prevents arthritis
  4. 90% of lumbar disc patients got better with chiropractic care
  5. Chiropractic reverses aberrant sensory issues and improves motor control
  6. Chiropractic increases balance and prevent falls
  7. Chiropractic has been deemed safe for children
  8. Chiropractic is 457% more effective than Medicine for chronic low back pain
  9. 83% of dizziness sufferers improved under chiropractic care
  10. Chiropractic certified 75% more effective than drug therapy for headaches and migraines
  11. 85% to 100% of headache sufferers got better with chiropractic care

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Dr. Craig Fishel is a Wellness Expert in New York City. He is the Director of The Wellness Center of NY,, an integrative care clinic in the heart of NYC.

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