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At The Wellness Center of New York, We Teach You Everything You Need to Create OPTIMAL Health & Wellness

This includes proper focus on fitness, how the structure of the human body determines health, nutrition, proper supplementation, and stress management. Total wellness is mastering how to balance all of this to make a lifestyle change that promotes great health and happiness.

Meet Our Wellness Team!

We partner with many different members of the wellness community to provide you with world-class health services.

Dr. Craig Fishel, Chiropractor

Practicing for 20 years.

Dr. Shelby Simon, Wellness Chiropractor

7 years of experience.

Donna, Care Coordinator

20 years of experience.

Ally, Chief Wellness Officer/PR/Events

8 years of experience.

Helene Kaplan, Physical Therapist

30 years of experience.

Get Scheduled For Your FREE In-Person Consultation

Complete Wellness for a Balanced Mind & Body