Many people underestimate the power of having the right kind of footwear for their feet. Our feet work hard each and every day as they absorb pressure that comes out to be five times our body weight. Our feet are what keeps us mobile, and for that reason, we need to pay closer attention to what we wear on our feet to protect them and make sure they can continue to do their job. 

Lower Back Pain

When you wear the wrong kind of footwear, you are putting yourself at risk for developing lower back pain. The wrong shoes can also impair proper back posture as well. If you have flats, for example, you may find that they offer zero arch support and tight shoes can aggravate foot pain and cause other problems down the line.

Maintaining Well-Being

In addition to wearing the proper footwear, you should also maintain a sense of well-being by visiting your chiropractor on a regular basis. You should then get rid of those shoes in your closet that may be causing you more harm than good.

Here are a few examples of shoes you may want to reconsider:

Open back sandals and flip flops. These shoes are definitely quick and easy to put on and are light on our feet and almost freeing. They are also becoming more popular and prevalent in different settings and are often being seen in more professional environments now as well as the beach. 

However, these types of shoes offer you no kind of support because there really isn’t any structure to them. When you wear these shoes, you are forcing your tendons and muscles to keep your feet moving without any stability; this ultimately leads to back pain. 

High heels. When you wear high heels that are two inches or higher, it causes you to pitch forward, and this motion can affect your spin, your hips, knees, ankles, and your feet. If you wear high heels regularly, you will also find that you experience cramped calf muscles as they attempt to try to keep your body balanced. All of this ultimately affects your back and your posture.

Flats. Many feel that flats will cause less harm; however, this isn’t true. Flats offer no arch support, so you are forced to adjust your gait to stay balanced and correct your posture. 

Choosing the Right Shoes

So, to avoid back pain, bad posture, and hurt feet, it is important to make better choices when it comes to what you wear on your feet. When looking for a good pair of shoes, you want to find some that offer enough room for your toes. You also want to make sure that they offer you good arch support and an inclined sole. 

In addition to the right shoes, you should also consider stretching exercises which can help with any damage that has already been done due to wearing improper shoes. 

When you wear the right footwear, you will find that your back pain will diminish, your posture and balance will improve significantly, and your feet will be much happier. For more information on chiropractic care and finding the right footwear, contact the Wellness Center of NY.

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