In today’s world, there are not many of us who do not suffer from stress. Stress is a catalyst that triggers several other issues including illness, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. When stress invades your body, it becomes hard to get anything accomplished. Your mind wanders, your body develops headaches, tight muscles, neck and backaches. This is because our minds, bodies, and spirit are all interconnected and linked together. Our thoughts keep us from sleeping, our nervous systems keep hearts breathing and lungs breathing. It is important to remember that a balanced alignment means a balanced mind. If your body is balanced, your mind gets ample circulation, resulting in the reduction and elimination of undue stress.

How Stress Affects Your Spine

Your spine is critical for the support of your skeletal system and muscle support. It also supports the functioning of the nervous system, tendons, and joints. That supports your body and mind. When one of these systems are out of alignment, your body becomes strained. If you find your stress is sudden or keeps growing there is a good chance your spine is out of alignment and will eventually turn into physical pain. When your spine is in alignment it helps prevent the nervous system from sending incorrect signals that develop into emotional distress. We have listed four ways that your chiropractor can help you reduce stress.

Four Ways Your Chiropractor Can Reduce Your Stress

There are several ways that a chiropractor can support your overall stress relief including:

  1. Reducing Muscle Tension:

Every time you experience stress, you tense your muscles. Over time this continuous tension in your muscles starts taking a toll on you. You find yourself sleeping less and struggle to focus. You find the tightened muscles begin to become painful. Your chiropractor can help loosen the tension restoring your body back to its natural balance.

  • Restoring Function To Your Body:

Your brain communicates every function such as breathing and swallowing with the help of your spine. The more stress you experience, the more the muscles tense, the more your spine will move.  Once your chiropractor has adjusted your spine, you may actually find you have more energy, stress levels are lowered.

  • Reviewing Your Nutrition:

A good number of us use food to help calm stress, but in reality, it places more stress on your already out of balance body. Good nutrition is the basis of good health. In addition to adjusting your spine to relieve stress, your chiropractor can help counsel you on your nutrition and make suggestions as to any supplements your body may be needing.

  • Promotes Relaxation:

When you are stressed, it is almost impossible to just relax and enjoy life. Your posture changes causing more stress. You aren’t sleeping, you are overthinking things and struggle to just sit still.  Your chiropractor can help you correct your posture with exercises and relaxation techniques that will help you to relax and restore your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to helping you relieve stress, Manhattan’s premier care provider, The Wellness Center Of New York can help you achieve the feeling of wellness you deserve. Using cutting-edge techniques, combined with accurate information on fitness, nutrition, time and stress management, our goal is to ensure our patients improve all aspects of their health. You owe it to yourself to have a healthy, happy, stress-free life. Call us today and see how we can help.

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