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At The Wellness Center we take stress very seriously and with compassion.  Our stress management approach in NYC is different than any other available as we focus our efforts in customized organic solutions for your healing. If you feel disengaged and out of focus, confused or stressed out, you just found the solution. We will walk you through a step-by-step program that will guide you toward peace of mind and a balanced life.

At our midtown Manhattan clinic in New York City, we  offer the premier stress treatment service under the guidance of Dr. Craig Fishel. We offer stress management that provides relief for treating anxiety from stress, job burnout, and depression. Our highly trained staff will help you control, prevent, and reduce the stressful conditions that are negatively affecting you.


Stress can kill you, make you age faster, lower the functioning of your immune system, increase the chance of heart attacks and strokes, could stop, delay or hinder pregnancy.

The Wellness Center of New York provides Stress Treatment in the tri-estate area. Dr.  Craig Fishel and his team at The Wellness Center of NY are waiting for your call to help you find peace of mind. Call us for a free consultation. Trust us for your stress management solution in midtown Manhattan, New York.

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