Back pain is not a rare problem, and it’s one that millions face each and every day. Back pain can interfere with your mobility and your everyday life, and up to 80% of adults will face lower back pain at least once throughout their lives. For those in New York experiencing back pain, quick relief is a necessity to allow you to get on with your everyday life as comfortable as possible. 

Tips For Relieving Back Pain Quickly When You Need It 

Tips for relieving back pain quickly provides New York residents with tools they can use when back pain begins to rear its ugly head. The muscles of the back and spine work to support much of the body’s entire weight, and are used while standing, walking, or even sitting down. A few tips for fast back pain relief include: 

  • Exercise – Exercise may seem like the last thing you want to do when experiencing back pain, but it can be a massive help. A short walk, a yoga session, or a dip into the pool can help to alleviate back pain, you just want to make sure you focus on exercises that are low-impact. Exercise works to loosen tense muscles, while simultaneously releasing the body’s own painkiller – endorphins. 
  • Use hot and cold to your advantage – Some types of back pain will require heat, while other types of back pain will benefit greater from cold. Ice is used to reduce inflammation, and will best relieve back pain caused by an injury like a strain or sudden back pain that seems to strike out of nowhere. Ice should be applied for no longer than 20 minutes at one time in order to protect the skin. When muscles are stiff or achy, heat can help to loosen muscles and provide relief. 
  • Stretching – If you’re unable to exercise, stretching your muscles can work wonders in relieving back pain quickly. Toe touches, the cobra pose, the cat-cow pose, and the child’s pose are a few stretches that are well known to be beneficial to those with aching or sore backs. 
  • Change your shoes – One thing that many New York back pain sufferers may not know is that their shoes really affect how their backs may feel. Wearing shoes with too little support can place strain on the legs, back, and even as far up as the neck. Wearing high heels can throw off the body’s spinal alignment. Wearing ill-fitting shoes will place strain on the back as well. If you’ve been experiencing frequent back pain, changing your footwear could be a simple answer. 

Seeing A Doctor Should Always Be The Final Step 

While quick relief tips can work very well in the moment, it will require a doctor’s guidance to ensure you experience true relief from back pain. Quick relief methods are often temporary and will be helpful in getting you through your day, but they’re not like to make a permanent change if your back pain is moderate to severe.