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Physical Therapy at The Wellness Center of NY IN MIDTOWN MANHATTAN is all about a hands-on, individualized approach–whether it’s to get a patient back on the playing field or to recover from surgery.

Our one-on-one care ensures personalized attention.

Our care programs may consist of:

Guided therapeutic activity and exercise
Re-education of muscles
Manual mobilization of the joints and soft tissues
Techniques to reduce any pain and/or swelling
Customized home exercise programs
Reconditioning and strengthening programs


30 years of experience.


Stage I: Relief Care

The first phase of care is referred to as Relief or Initial Intensive Care. When patients come in they are usually looking for immediate relief of pain or other symptom. This stage  is designed to eliminate or reduce that pain or discomfort through procedures that reduce inflammation, muscle spasms or tissue damage. The goal is to bring patients closer to their normal level of comfort. They can then resume their normal daily activities, but we encourage them to ease into that routine so as to not cause further injury. This can be an extended phase of care which will require additional visits to eliminate or better manage symptoms.

Stage II: Rehabilitative Care

Once you have completed Initial Intensive Care, Rehabilitative Care begins. During this phase of treatment we work to correct any underlying spinal abnormalities or injuries to improve spinal function while strengthening supporting muscles. Ultimately, we’re beginning to reverse the skeletal, muscular and nervous system conditions that people develop over time. At this stage we ask patients to come in less often, but we develop an exercise routine that can be performed at home along with recommendations on how to change daily work habits (such as sitting correctly or stretching often during the day).

Stage III: Maintenance/Wellness Care

The final stage is Maintenance or Wellness Care. Here, we evaluate how you have responded to the previous two stages and design a maintenance plan designed to improve overall health centered around function. We seek, most of all, to prevent the return of the condition(s) the patient was experiencing in the first stage. We recommend patients return to see us every 4-6 months so that any issues are recognized early on and can be dealt with right away.


When you call to schedule your free consultation, our Care Coordinator will assist in arranging a time that is convenient for you. You will be sent a health questionnaire via email (if applicable) for completion prior to your visit. The information you provide in the health questionnaire will allow our professional team of Physical Therapists to evaluate your needs and concerns.

During your one-on-one consultation, you may be asked to perform certain tests or movements (lifting, stretching, pushing, pulling) so a treatment and recovery plan can be customized to your personal needs. We recommend that you wear lose, comfortable clothing on the day of the appointment.

Finally, before you leave, we will go over any questions or concerns you have about your condition to help you better understand your treatment options. If you want to proceed with physical therapy, just give us a call to book your next appointment.



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