Yoga has been around as a form of exercise, health, and self-improvement for thousands of years. Today, it’s still going strong thanks to the scientifically proven benefits that it provides. However, you’ll only really get the benefits that come from yoga if, like so many other practices that are good for us, you can find a way to create a good routine, and then actually stick to it. Yoga, like a healthy diet, or exercise regimen, provides long-term benefits for those that can repeat their routine on a regular basis. But how do you do this? We’ve got some tips for creating that morning ritual that will allow you to keep following it until you start to see the benefits.

Change The Time

For some people, the morning may actually be the worst part of the day, so if a yoga ritual is going to be a serious inconvenience at this time, then change the timing. You should never let yoga impact your family or professional commitments. So if you have a better part of the day you can set aside for yoga, then that morning ritual can become an afternoon or evening regimen instead.

Get Someone Else Involved

Your morning yoga ritual doesn’t have to be a strictly isolated event. In fact, you can make your entire morning ritual part of your yoga ritual. Maybe start things off by having that cup of coffee with your spouse or partner. Try undertaking your ritual in accompaniment with a phone call, where you can discuss your concerns of the day. You can even start things off with a nice session of hugging before beginning things. When you include people you care about, you’ve got more motivation to continue your activities.

Pair Physicality With Creativity

Maybe you like playing music, or writing, or painting, sketching or even dancing. Try to pair your creative activity with your yoga activity. Often inspiration can strike before or after a physical activity, so if you associate your yoga with something creative that you truly love to do, this can make a big difference in helping you maintain a morning ritual.

Change Your Location

Is your morning ritual just a yoga mat in some room of your home that you’re not particularly inspired by? If you have the option, pick more locations. Maybe there’s a park nearby that you adore, or you have a garden that you love to just sit in. If there’s someplace accessible that you enjoy simply “being” in, then try your yoga ritual in this same location and see if it makes a difference.

Be Mindful Throughout The Day

The primary reason for yoga is to center yourself and create a sense of mindfulness. However, you may find that you are actually able to do this in small, but consistent ways throughout the day. If you can actually spread your activities for mindfulness to a few minutes at regular intervals throughout the day, this is just as good as getting a concerted, focused session in!