It’s no secret that when you sleep better, you feel better. Sleep acts as a recharge for your body and your brain, allowing you to wake up refreshed, focused, and better prepared to go about your day. When you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, stress, or other disturbances in your body and your life, getting good quality sleep can be difficult. This can make you feel even worse, starting a vicious cycle that’s particularly difficult to put an end to.

Luckily, there are ways you can encourage better sleep, which can help you to start feeling better faster

Tips For Encouraging Better Sleep

A few better sleep tips can be helpful for anyone. Those who may have reasons like pain or stress disturbing their sleep, and those who can’t seem to see why their sleep has grown less than great, knowing how to approach sleep can make for a much more satisfying experience. A few sleep tips that anyone can use are

  • Experience more light during the day–Our bodies and our hormones are controlled by our circadian rhythms, or the natural cycle that tells us when to wake and when to sleep. However, our hormones also play a part in keeping our circadian rhythm healthy. Experiencing more light during the day naturally regulates our circadian rhythm, and therefore naturally regulates the hormones telling us when it’s time for sleep, and when it’s time to be awake. In one medical study, bright light during the day helped those with insomnia fall asleep fall asleep faster in83%of cases
  • Put the phone down–We’ve become very attached to our smartphone devices, tablets, and laptops, and this means we’re also taking in a great deal more blue light. While light exposure is great for our bodies during the day, it has the opposite effect when we’ reexposed to too much blue light at night. By putting down your phone and shutting your laptop a few hours before bed, you can help to regulate your natural sleep schedule.
  • Keep naps short–When we get a poor night of sleep the night before, the thought of taking a nap during any downtime of the day is quite tempting. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing to shut your eyes for a few moments, taking a long nap during the day can confuse your natural sleep rhythm. If you do decide to play catch-up with a nap, try to keep that nap shorter than 30 minutes.

Get Your Body Feeling Better

Feeling poorly can affect our sleep, and our sleep can affect how we feel, so it’s easy to see how this vicious cycle gets started. At The Wellness Center of NY, we want to get you feeling better from the inside out, and to make those lasting changes that keep you feeling great for the long haul. If you’re interested in ways you can feel better throughout your everyday life, contact us at The Wellness Center of NY today

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