Did you know that you have an over 80% chance of experiencing back pain at some point in your life? It’s the truth, and far too many individuals try to ignore their back pain hoping it will go away on its own. Because back pain is so common, it’s a common thought that back pain is really no big deal, but one should never take for granted just how much their back does for them. Your spine is tasked with carrying the entire weight of your body throughout the day every day, and it should be cared for in a way that acknowledges just how important it is. 

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Back Pain

While it may be easier to ignore back pain, especially minor back pain, it’s something no person should do. Some important reasons to never ignore back pain are: 

  • You’re on thin ice – Your back pain may not be severe now, but there is still a good chance it’s pointing to a bigger and more devastating problem. Minor back pain can be functionable for a time, and then one wrong turn, one quick bend to tie a shoe, or one reach to pick up a dropped pen and you can find yourself on the floor with a much bigger and more pressing issue. When you ignore back pain, you ignore the potential that you’re walking on thin ice. 
  • You don’t have to experience pain – No person truly enjoys walking around in pain, so why do it? Seeing a professional to ease your back pain may seem like an inconvenience at first, but when you consider just how often you think about your back pain, you quickly realize that having it fixed is actually the most convenient option. You don’t have to experience pain while going through your daily motions of life, so why suffer through it? 
  • Protect your nerves – Your spine protects your nervous system, and your nerves are incredibly important to just about every aspect of life. A misaligned spine puts pressure on the nerve root, which can cause nerve damage further down the road. Even currently, pressure on nerve roots can impact the messages your nerves are sending to and from various organs throughout the body. Protecting your back by paying close attention to back pain is protecting your nerves. 
  • Save your quality of life – If back pain grows gradually, you might not realize at first just how broadly it impacts your quality of life. Your quality of life is important, and giving proper attention to your back pain saves the quality of life that you live. 

Get Back To Your Life Faster

While back pain is common, that doesn’t make it less serious. Seeing a chiropractor can help you to get your life back, and get it back faster than if it’s given only the time treatment. If you’ve been experiencing back pain, don’t let it wait. Call us at Westwood Clinic to get you back to your life again today.

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