Physical therapy programs have improved the lives of thousands of patients who suffer from limitations with movement and function. When subscribed to the right set of programs, patients are able to fully or partially regain a normal level of functioning and overall improve how they live their daily lives. Despite this, a significant number of individuals still need to be clarified on common misconceptions and misunderstandings on the life-changing practice of physical therapy. Read on as we list down and debunk three of the most common misconceptions about physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Is Painful

Physical therapists are professionally trained to help you heal and recover with full consideration of your physical limitations, which includes your tolerance for pain. Recovery and healing often come hand-in-hand with a reasonable amount of pain you must endure, and physical therapists are eventually able to reduce or remove the pain completely. Physical therapy will not make you hurt more than you already are. When exercises or treatments hurt more than you’d like to handle, your therapist will make adjustments to make sure you’re able to recover more comfortably. Trust the process. Remember, the goal will always be to make you feel better, and to help you get back to your previous level of functioning.

I Can Do it Myself

Your road to recovery is not a DIY project you can just research about on the internet. Attempting to become your own physical therapist through videos on the internet or advice from your gym trainer may cause you to consequently worsen your condition and derail you from recovering anytime soon. While PT does encourage you to lead a more active lifestyle after recovery, the process of physical therapy is far more complex than a series of exercises and bed rest. A licensed physical therapist will diagnose your condition, guide you through treatments and exercises you can learn to continue on your own, and teach you how to care for yourself as you recover and heal.

Physical Therapy Can “Fix” Me

Your road to recovery does not end once you step out of the hospital. Physical therapy isn’t a jail sentence. While it would be ideal for you to completely go back to your old life once you’ve been discharged, you would still have to do some maintenance with the advice of your physical therapist. After your therapist has given you the information you need to care for yourself and continue to heal, your recovery will be up to how well you comply and how dedicated you are to the process.

The road to successful recovery and healing begins with making the conscious decision to care for yourself. If you’re looking for a physical therapist to guide you through your healing process, you’ll be in good hands with the Wellness Center of NY. Equipped with a hands-on, individualized approach, the Wellness Center of NY physical therapists will be able to fully support you with the care you need. Give them a call today

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