If you’re like many people in Manhattan, NY, you likely assume that chiropractic care is nothing more than a couple of “snaps, cracks, and pops” to alleviate some tension in your back. It’s this very reason that many people say that they avoid chiropractic care.
However, it could be well worth your while to explore the benefits of chiropractic care. Many people don’t realize how useful the treatments can be. One of the areas where Manhattan, NY residents could see the best results after chiropractic care is in the gym, lifting weights. Below, you’ll find a brief breakdown of why chiropractic care could help improve weightlifting sessions.
Core Stability
When it comes to athletic performance and results in the gym, the most critical bone is the spine, and the most vital muscle is the core. There’s a reason why those beginning a strength training program should start with compound movements, such as:
• Squats
• Deadlifts
• Overhead presses
These movements are useful because they recruit every muscle in the body, relying on the core for stability. But, what happens if the spine is weak or out of place? The core will not work as effectively, and the athlete will suffer. This is one of the primary reasons why chiropractic care could be useful for athletes. Chiropractic care helps reset your spine so that your nervous system operates without interference and your muscles perform as intended.
Prevent Injuries
Regular spinal care could also be useful because it prevents injuries. All it takes is one vertebra to be out of place for your whole spinal column to be out of whack. When your spine is out of place, your body supports heavy loads by recruiting other muscles or bones. These muscles and bones could be weak and are not used to supporting heavy loads. When this happens, injuries are more likely to occur.
Evaluate The Entire Body
Most people also don’t realize that chiropractors work through the entire body, not just the spine. Chiropractors could be an excellent choice if you’re suffering from joint pains, including those found in the:
• Hips
• Ankles
• Knees
• Shoulders
Our bodies are one extensive chain. When one domino falls, so too does the entire structure. Say, for instance, you have tight ankles, and you don’t have much flexibility in your ankles. As a result of poor ankle flexion, your calves will tighten. As your calves tighten, they’ll shorten other muscles in your legs. This will then pull your hip flexors forward, which could put you into anterior pelvic tilt.
When your pelvis is tilted forward, you’ll likely feel tightness and pain in your back. Obviously, this would impact your workouts in the gym. However, many athletes would focus on stretching their back, wondering why they can’t get the area to release. A knowledgeable Manhattan, NY chiropractor would be able to identify that it’s not a back issue that’s wreaking havoc, it’s an issue with the ankle. Releasing the ankle and creating flexibility would then loosen up the athlete’s entire body.

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