Chiropractic care specializes in back issues like pain and sciatica.  However, many people visit chiropractors for other issues like extremity pains, neck soreness, and similar issues.  And yet despite the wide range of reasons people go to their chiropractor, many people will cancel appointments or miss them altogether because they feel sick and they aren’t up to making the visit.  But since chiropractic adjustment is a form of health care and treatment, a sickness is exactly the time when you should consider visiting a chiropractor.

What It Means To Get Sick

When you fall ill with a mild disease like a cold or influenza, your immune system is fighting an intruder in your body.  Some of the symptoms you feel come from the bacteria or virus in your system, but others come from the way your immune system reacts.  If your immune system is healthy and strong, these symptoms will only last a short time and not affect you that much.  However, if your immune system is weak, it will need to take extra measures to fight off the infection and demand more time to fight it.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help keep your immune system strong.  A healthy diet is always important, and keeping your stress down is another big help.  Something else you should do is avoid taxing your immune system in other ways by staying clean, showering regularly, and treating any more serious conditions you might be dealing with.  Doing all this will give your immune system the resources and energy it needs to keep your body safe.

What Chiropractic Care Does

Chiropractors use techniques that adjust your spine and straighten out any kinks or issues you may be dealing with.  It works best with lower-back pain, and it can help out as a supplement to treatments for other illnesses.  For some people it can help even with minor illnesses like colds and flus, and that’s why it makes sense to visit your chiropractor especially when you’re sick instead of cancelling your visit.

How Chiropractic Treatments Work

The main reason why chiropractic care can help is because it focuses on the spine and the spinal cord.  The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that run down your back and connect to every part of your body below the neck.  When these nerves are in good shape they send the right signals to your brain and control how your organs behave, but if something happens to them it can cause phantom pains, organ failures, and a damaged immune system.  By keeping the spinal cord in good shape, chiropractors can reduce your sick days.

So the next time you wonder whether you feel well enough to visit your chiropractor, remember that the chiropractor’s job is to make you feel better.  And if you live in our area, be sure to visit the Wellness Center of NY.  We’re always happy to sign up new clients, so call us today and schedule your first appointment.

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