We all have some level of willpower and many of us actually want more of it. Our willpower can be used in so many different ways – especially if we can find the willpower that lives deep inside of us. Before we can do this, however, we need to understand what can actually drain our willpower and we need to avoid it. 

What Is Willpower?

Willpower is simply defined as the control that is exerted to do something or restrain our impulses. Many people say that our bad habits are due to the lack of willpower we possess. However, when we learn how to rediscover our strength and understand the full power of our willpower, we may find that we are much more determined than before and can accomplish more than we thought possible. 

The Power of Willpower

Willpower is all about our self-control and learning how to resist short-term temptations so we can meet long-term goals. It is often one of the primary determinants of a person’s personal and even professional success. It is also known as self-discipline and the inner strength we use to meet our goals.

What Drains My Willpower?

There are a few things that can effectively drain your willpower as you go about your day.

  • Not Enough Sleep. When we don’t sleep enough, everything we do just feels harder to accomplish, and the day is harder to get through. With that, our willpower also takes a detour and drains from our body.
  • Not Enough Sustenance. When we don’t eat enough, our energy levels become quite low, and we feel less in control. It is important to eat when we are hungry without overly limited or restricting ourselves.
  • To Diet or Not to Diet. Dieting can definitely take up a lot of our energy, which in turn can then drain our willpower. When dieting, it is important to avoid the all or nothing mindset because it just becomes exhausting.
  • No Clear Boundaries. If you find yourself participating in events you don’t care for or doing other things you just really don’t like to do, then you have failed to set clear boundaries in your life, and you haven’t yet learned how to say no. This will drain your willpower as well. 
  • You Feel Like You Need More. You may feel like you have little to no willpower and are desperate for more, but it is important to understand that it isn’t about getting more willpower at all. Instead, it is about learning how to utilize what you already have to the fullest.

If you aren’t reaching your full potential and using the full scope of your willpower, then you may find that you are limiting yourself and have a low belief in yourself and what you can actually accomplish if you put your mind to it. 

Learn how to harness the willpower you have, avoid the things that can drain your willpower, and you may actually surprise yourself. 

- The Wellness Center of NY
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