Maybe the last time you hit the gym the Thighmaster was ruling the fitness world, or you were taking out your best spandex pants for your aerobics class. Maybe it was just a couple of months ago before an injury occurred, you had a baby, or life simply got in the way. Regardless, returning to the gym is something to be proud of, and making sure you’re ready to get back into the swing of things is important to your overall experience. If you’re unprepared and go all-in, you leave yourself at risk of injury, which could lead you to writing off the gym altogether and doing yourself a great disservice. 

What You Need To Know To Get Prepared

Letting yourself in on what you need to know to get prepared is the first step to a healthy and happy return to the gym. Some tips you should keep in mind before lacing up those sneakers and heading out to the gym are: 

  • Always warm up – Maybe you were at a point where your warmups were quick and simple before you stopped going to the gym, but that doesn’t mean you can go right back to that place after an absence. Regardless of your experience or fitness level, you should always warm up before taking on any workout. Warming up is one of the single most important deterrents of exercise related injury. 
  • There are many options – If it’s been a long while since your last trip to the gym, like in the tune of years to decades, you might be overwhelmed by all the options you see when you get back. There are machines today that run on high tech, intricate and complex workout equipment, and new classes popping up every day. One of the best things you can do for yourself at first is to keep it simple, and to not fear asking questions as they pertain to new technologies and pieces of equipment. As you get back into a comfortable place, you can explore these new opportunities safely. 
  • Don’t go too hard – Many think that they’re not getting a good workout in unless they’re dripping with sweat and really “feeling the burn”. This isn’t really the case, and going too hard could be doing more harm than good. Rather than going all out on these first few trips back, take it easy and give yourself a workout that feels good instead of one that feels exhausting. 

It’s Never Too Late To Get Back

Regardless of age, of fitness level, or of time spent away from the gym, it’s never too late to get back into the swing of things. By taking it easy and playing it smart, your return to the gym can be an overwhelmingly positive experience, and one that brings your love of all things fitness back. If you’re thinking of getting back to the gym and you’re not sure just where to start, contact us at Wellness Center of NY today.

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