Ally, Chief Wellness Officer/PR/Events

8 years of experience

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PR/Events – Chief Wellness Officer at the Wellness Center of NY in Midtown Manhattan

Ally is your main point of contact at The Wellness Center. She oversees all day-to-day operations, PR, seminars, our Stress-Free Day at work program, and more. She comes with a background in Public Relations – having worked on celebrity-driven campaigns and launch events, including those in the health and wellness space. She also spent some time working as a Recruiter, helping employees and employers find the perfect fit.

Now, Ally advocates for our practice members, striving to make sure their care program is always the perfect fit. She believes that one’s personal health, wellness, and happiness should be at the top of their priority list and that Chiropractic care plays an essential part in a well-balanced life.

Today Ally is an asset to our chiropractic office in midtown Manhattan in New York City.

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