One of the biggest trends we continue to see in the exercise and fitness world is chiropractic care and core muscle training. If you are following this type of activity, then you have probably already heard mention of core strength or core stability.

These terms refer to the muscles in your stomach that help to keep your body stable and balanced. If you engage in any kind of physical activity, then you know how important this stability and balance are for your performance and reducing your risk of injury.

Core Stability Training

When training, some of us may be tempted to progress as quickly as possible rather than taking our time and doing it right. One of the biggest mistakes you can make during core stability training is doing something that is too advanced for you. It can cause you to lose control over your core.

When you aren’t able to stabilize your spine in the right way, the other muscles will have to step in and do a lot of that work. This causes weak core muscles and a person’s inability to keep their abdomen hollowed. The spine can then move to one side or even begin to sink inwards.

Proper Training

So, when training, you really need to take the time to make sure you are doing everything properly to avoid any injury or long term problems. Most sports also require that you maintain good balance, and you will find that proper core stability is essential.

Even if you aren’t an athlete, it is important for daily activities such as carrying heavy objects or doing more basic tasks like the laundry or ironing. To begin training, you must first learn how to contract the transverse abdominis and multifidus muscles because these muscles have been found to be critical to the lumbar support mechanism.

Benefits of a Strong Core

There are several benefits to having a strong core and these benefits go far beyond just physical appearance.

Maintain Good Posture

If you have poor posture, it is most likely related to an imbalance in your muscles. If you have weak core muscles, you will find that you slouch a lot more. Strengthening these muscles allows you to stand up straight and ooze more confidence.

Lower Your Risk of Injury

A strong core also provides you with some much-needed stability. This stability allows you to bend and lift without having to strain and put unnecessary pressure on your lower back muscles. It will also work to improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling and injuring yourself as you get older.

Makes Tasks Easier

With a  strong core, you will also find that it is much easier to complete everyday tasks you have to perform regularly, like picking your kids up, moving furniture or heavy items, and even cleaning up the house.

These are just some of the ways a strong core can benefit you. For more information on activities and exercises you can do during training or to seek more advice, make an appointment with a chiropractor at the Wellness Center of New York.

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