Most of us experience body pain at some point in our lives, some more frequently than others. For some of us, mild to moderate body pain can even become a normal part of our everyday lives, and calling a physical therapist seems a bit too much for something we can tolerate. However, most of us don’t know that ignoring these aches and pains can build up to even bigger pains and ailments later on—that could have been prevented had we gone to see a physical therapist earlier. Here, we’ll discuss three unexpected reasons why a lot of people may be in need of physical therapy sooner or later.


If you’re expecting or are planning to be sometime soon, know that a lot of common pregnancy pains can be treated with a couple of visits to a tried and trusted physical therapist. No pregnancy is ever the same, and women experience different variations of pregnancy aches pains or none at all. Back pain and pelvic pain are some of the most common reasons why pregnant women get physical therapy, which is typically caused by hormones, stress, and or weight gain.

While some pregnancy pains can be tolerated or even ignored, it’s best to see a physical therapist during the pregnancy and after delivering the baby. Pregnant women who choose to get physical therapy during pregnancy are less likely to experience severe post-partum body pain compared to pregnant women who chose not to get treatment at all.

Chronic Diseases

A common misconception to physical therapy is that it is only meant to treat people who need to recover from injuries or those who have medical conditions such as scoliosis or cerebral palsy. While physical therapy does prove to be effective in treating these ailments, it is able to tend to chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments that cause chronic pain. Apart from moving more comfortably, physical therapy may be able to help you breathe better, increase physical endurance as well, among other benefits.


Yes, physical therapy may be the solution to your recurring headaches. While most are probably reaching for painkillers or a cup of tea to tend to their headaches, if all else fails, consider seeing a physical therapist check if your headaches are being caused by tensions in the neck or back. These tensions are usually treated with a combination of massages and stretching, which are able to reduce the severity or occurrence of headaches. Depending on the severity of your case, it’s possible to feel a significant difference from just one session with a physical therapist.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, or are curious if your aches and pains can be treated with physical therapy, consider visiting the best and most reliable physical therapist available to you. For quality care and uncompromised physical therapy services, contact the Wellness Center of NY. Centered on helping patients achieve the greatest level of health with hands-on physical therapists, you’re sure to entrust put your mind and body in the best hands.

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