The Wellness Center is moving New York towards greater health. We have an extensive list of industry references including Baker and MacKenzie, Deloitte, The Pierre, Arab Bank, Wachovia, Capital One, Signature Bank, Advent, Colgate Palmolive, LexisNexis, The Arthritis Foundation, NY Sports Clubs, Crunch Fitness, Yoga To The People, Pure Yoga, Equinox and The NY Health and Racquet Club.
The Wellness Center of New York’s Wellness@Work Program is designed to provide the most advanced information on improving health, body mind therapy, chronic pain treatment and performance. It creates a fundamental shift in people’s belief systems regarding how they work, their relationships with coworkers, how their health impacts their job functioning and their life, both now and in the future.
We offer two completely customizable solutions to suit your work environment.
Wellness in the Workplace
Choose from 4 topics over a 4 week period presented during your lunch hour.
For example, our Stress-Free Day at Work offers on-site massage from qualified, licensed massage therapists. While our therapists perform posture examinations of your staff a thorough ergonomic assessment is taken. We look at things like the layout of the workspace and the positioning of worker’s desks and chairs. Afterwards, we make recommendations to improve the workspace which will benefit worker’s postures as they go about their daily routine. These simple recommendations will help decrease the chances of developing stress-related conditions and ultimately boost your staff’s productivity.
Kickstart your Fitness Routine
Weight Loss and Nutrition
Born to be Healthy
Power Nutrition for Optimal Function
Keep Fit while you Sit
Peak Performance for your Employees
Finding Balance in your Life
Week of Wellness
We invite members of your staff to the Center for a 5 day chiropractic experience. You will be exposed to what a lifestyle of wellness means when you meet with our wellness experts including Massage Therapists, Physicians, Chiropractors, Weight Loss and Nutrition Consultants, Acupuncturists and Personal Trainers.

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