Card playing has become very popular lately and “all in” is a great way for card players to say I trust in this hand, so here I will lay all my chips on the line and bet my life on it. The message on the white board above the adjusting tables asks a simple question. What happens when you give a healthy person an over- the – counter or prescription medication? The answer is they get sicker. When an unhealthy person takes a medication they become even sicker. This is not even open for debate. Trust in this information, as it is the truth. (Healthy = an optimal state of function, not merely the absence of symptoms or dis-ease.)

Today’s healthcare world is evolving. Some people are moving forward toward this truth, while others are continuing to lose their way and go backward. For over 15 years we have focused on a mission to transform, change and save lives. We are very serious about this. As a practice member here it means that you know and understand the level of passion and commitment that we bring to you and your loved ones.

We want you to know that we are all in. We not only bet our lives on it, but we also bet our families lives on it, and I don’t gamble! What does that mean? It means that we do exactly what we recommend to you. Our families live it and breathe it. I cannot and will not shut it off. No, it never gets old because it can never be said enough. Right now people are dying at a higher rate than 13 years ago when we started. The 783,396 medical deaths each year is the equivalent of 6 jumbo jets going down every day (see The American Medical System Is The Leading Cause Of Death And Injury In The United States By Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD, Dorothy Smith PhD) Still with all the data, the Science and the know-how, we make the incorrect choices.

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Here is a simple question. Are you all in? Will you never take any medication again (only in true emergencies would a life-saving medication or surgery make sense)? If so, then go home get out a bag and empty all of your medications into a bag, bring them here and put them all in the big bottle on top of the water cooler (including the Advil, Tylenol etc., if you are serious). Next share this message with everyone that you come in contact with and inform them that taking meds whether prescribed or over the counter is not making them healthy. This is not irresponsible of us if we lead them to a lifestyle that enables them to make the changes in their health that are necessary to become healthy. All people are important to our mission. They do not know what you know. Make it your mission. Go all in. Help to change and save lives all over the world and right here in New York.

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